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Subject:[sonar-user] [ANN] Sonar 2.5
From:Simon Brandhof (
Date:Jan 17, 2011 1:10:14 pm

The Sonar team is pleased to announce the availability of the release 2.5. It brings the following features :

- inheritance of quality profiles : share rules configuration into a common quality profile. - tracking of violations over time : detects new violations - since the previous analysis - over a predefined number of days - since a given version - since a given date - changes of measures throughout time : displays measures variation on period (identical to above) - new Java rules : - instruction "break" should not be used outside a switch statement - instruction "continue" should not be used - total class complexity should not exceed a predefined threshold - depth of inheritance should not exceed a predefined threshold - new database cleanup job to remove unused data - new web service to get history of measures (time machine) - support the annotation @SuppressWarnings in order to improve the comment //NOSONAR

Many thanks to all the contributors for their feedback and their patch.

Download: Release notes: Upgrade guide:

Regards, The Sonar team