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Subject:[sonar-user] [ANN] Sonar 2.7
From:Simon Brandhof (
Date:Apr 1, 2011 1:42:52 am

We are proud to announce the release 2.7.

SCM data are now well integrated when the SCM Activity plugin is installed. So for instance, on the "Violations" tab, you can quickly know who is the last committer on a bloc of code which contains some violations. See this live
example<> .

It's also possible to get the coverage by unit tests on new/changed code, based on a cutoff date. It allows to understand what new code has been written without any/enough unit tests. See this screenshot of widget<>and a live example of source code<> .

To benefit from these features, the SCM Activity plugin 1.2 must be installed. It's available in Update Center.

Of course this release brings many other improvements and bug-fixes<> .

Many thanks to all contributors.

Download: Installation guide: Upgrade guide:

The Sonar team